I'm Xavier Deont'e Thomas. Born & raise from the South-Side of Chicago with big dreams. Today, I would like to share with you my story of being an author & how poetry became my passion.
Without further ado, let's jump right into it.


2017 was the best year of my life! I just graduated from college(finally!), traveling anywhere , & focused on myself doing what I love. Basketball. During this time, I was introduced into books by my publisher (Darshaun Mcaway) who had already came out with his poetry & children's book. He told me I should consider it. At first, I did. I wrote 5-10 poems. However, I was unsure if this was something I truly wanted to do. So I stopped, exploring other options.

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During 2018, I took this whole year to continue my education at the University of Arkansas to figure out what I wanted out of life. Asking myself what would challenge me to become better? Finding out more about who I am, setting more goals, meeting new people, etc etc.
I discovered that I needed to find passion in new things I never tried before. Of course I thought about writing a book, but it was the least thing on my mind in this point of time.

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Summer, 2018: One night, I remember praying to God to help me choose basketball or work. I told him-"Which ever one comes first, basketball or job, that's what I'll do." Sure enough, the job grab me first.
Deep down, I really wanted to play for a college team & join a Fraternity at the University of Arkansas.

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This year was the most craziest, stressful, brand new adult year of my life! I cut off friends who were negative, taken advantage of, lost my house in a fire on March 30th, homeless for 3-4 months from spring to summer, I was down. No passion for anything, Just sick of nonsense & everything.
Hands down one of my lowest point

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Months go by after these incidents & I just gave in. Started praying & began to find myself once more + my voice back.
I noticed everything around me started to change. I felt happy again, found me a new home under 5 months, met new people but kept my circle small, & came back with a brand new attitude: A new life within me.
Once all of this happened, I made a phone call to Darshaun & told him- "I will be out with a book before March, 2020 hits."

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It would be nonstop writing just like it is now in the present. I would stay up all night until 2-3 am, knowing I have work in the morning at 7 am. Working 2 different jobs, a book, training, & hardly any sleep throughout the week.
My inspiration to write came from listening to R&B/ hip hop music, past events/ relationships, & being a black man in America. I quit at least 10 times on this book, yet, told myself to keep going for the 11th time. With all of this combine...
For 4-5 months, I have written 30-40 poems


Original. Insightful. Brilliant.



I met Kailynn around October 2019 through one of my best friends during the time I was writing poetry. She & I would talk about anything : Goals, Past, Events, Life, Relationships, you name it.
Around the time "It's Just Us" was just about finished. But I was missing something on the cover. I only had my image on their with the golden crown....2 days later it hit me, I needed a woman with me on the cover. So I message Kailynn if she wants to be part of this book & she said yes. We choose the picture you see above this story. She really is beautiful. Once she was on the cover with me, I knew everything was complete.
Our bond as friends became family



After working so hard day in/out for months, I turn to Darshaun with the book cover, title, cost, & anything else he needed from me. When it was all said & done, he officially said I was an author. My mind just could not believe it.... I could not believe I was an author. I broke down in tears for 5 minutes. This man helped me succeed my goal.



I met Anna at JB Hunt, back in 2018, & we instantly became good friends as time went by. In 2019, when I found out she could draw, I told her I was coming out with a book soon. The time came, & I ask her to help draw the vision I had for the book cover. I gave her the details of exactly how I want it, she came up with this master piece that blew everyone away. This book cover is hand drawn & took up to 4-5 hours to finished. Once I received this, I told her she is my artist forever !



There you have it. Now you know the story of how this process happened. Looking back, I believe these events happened for a reason & God works in mysterious ways. I am thankful. So I leave you with this:
"You may not understand everything that goes on in life.
So appreciate your tears, laughter, story, gift, struggles, good & bad times.
Because in this world, good people like you have something to offer. Don't let anyone make you deny it."