Xavier Thomas

A collection of eclectic poems from a broad and diverse source of emotions. Throughout this book you'll experience a tender notion of love, intimacy, attachment, endearment and compassion to be more. Xavier's devotion to create is unmatched.




New Ways of Learning in 2020: Corona Struck, is a book about how to thrive in the face of adversity. The authors openly shared their perspectives and shed light on how things shifted for them in 2020 during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. This book is a collection of personal stories from individuals who represent various walks of life. As educators, poets, parents, and writers; these story-tellers offer unique perspectives on life in America in 2020. Readers will be enlightened by these stories and be inspired to tell their own.



Walk through the mind of an athlete. Attitude is key when facing personal issues and obstacles as a young adult. It makes you aware of your surroundings. 

These statements and poems are not here to shame nor do harm. Just to share different events while fighting against anxiety, depression, and bad relationships. Please know you are not the only one facing problems that seem overwhelming.

The reason and goal is simple:

Strengthen your mind, Challenge yourself to be more in-tune with your inner star player. Create self-love. Do not allow your past to win over you. It's you against you. I hope this book uplifts your spirit and mindset because You matter. Ball is life. But "Self-Made" is eternal.


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This book is a special collection of poems expressed by Xavier Thomas.

Dear Future Bae,

It's 3am love.

And I'm over here catching feelings laying next to you watching your favorite crime show. I mean look at me. My shyness becomes so visible hanging around you. Exposing myself unconditionally. Lately, I've been stuck between keeping my mouth closed and expressing my feelings. But overall, I'm low-key nervous because I'm not sure how you feel towards me nor do I want to mess up our relationship. You more than just a friend. Even if it's only been a short period of time knowing you.

So as I lay here next to you tonight. Truly happy, Just know I like you, and I want you. You are someone I want to be with until our time is up. I hope the feeling is mutual. Even through you are not mine, nor can I claim you, I just had to be honest with you real quick.

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