This poetry book tells different stories, from multiple levels of love. A young black male opening up & expressing his feelings on topics through his experience. Now, this can be a number of things: creating relationships, making money, opportunity, success, failure, losing everything, being a inspiration, labeled, manipulation, taken advantage of, being ghosted from a girl and not hearing from her ever again, or missing that one special lover. Learned that it's the simple & little things that truly bring joy to a person's life.
One thing's for sure, gaining wisdom at a very young age can & will cause you to grow quickly.



Empowering Authors, Publishing Dreams

This book is a collection of personal stories from individuals who represent various walks in life. Faced a lot of challenges throughout the course of our lives. Even though times were difficultly tough, we still rise no matter what. Our #1 goal is to show young children, teens, & adults that You matter. Build a StrongHealthy Mind. Strive for Greatness



More than an athlete:​

Facing personal issues and obstacles as a young adult both on and off the field. 

Athletes suffer: Some of us are broke and broken. Some of us carry heavier loads because it's an expectation when all we want to do is play. All of us think we'll never make it at some point in our lives, and we don't. Our roots, anxiety, depression, relationships, past trauma, exposure in social media, receiving a bad rep. for something we have no control of is a challenge. 

We are not just entertainment, we are human to. Striving to overcome our struggles while being great for our family.

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"Allow me to give my all to you. Body to body. 

Grant me access to your mind so i may make love to you.

Our souls will be intimate"

Queen you are my heart, joy, and soul. As we grow together, as I express myself through these poems, I want you to know one day I plan to get on my knee to place a ring on your left finger so the world knows we are taken-together. Make me a happy man with children to come. 

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